About Us

India is known for its rich culture and biodiversity that creates a magic called as Indian food worldwide. Presently, KJF network works across organic value chains selling the residue free and 100% organic products produced by project of Samuhik Sheti run by project of Chandukaka Saraf and Sons Pvt. Ltd. based from Baramati. We strive to bring unique products from community-based enterprises.

The main objectives of our partnership firm is to nurture India’s traditional knowledge, enter into the business of supplying organic farm products to consumers like all types of grocery/food grains, Jaggery, liquid jaggery, jaggery powder, edible oils such as Coconut oil, Groundnut oil, Cow Ghee, Buffalo Ghee defined under FSSAI, fruits, fruit juice, vegetables, pulses, and other residue free food products.

K.J. Fresh farm is the partnership firm commenced in At Pune District, Maharashtra from the year 2018. We are a leading social enterprise in India that have two partners for doing business of organic and bio-diverse community-based natural food products. The main concept of our farm is to direct the products from farms to consumer’s home. We focus on leveraging the power of community to both help the farmers as well as the customers.

At KJ farms, we work in the day time from surodaya to surya ast with small farmers to conserve, revive, and sustain our food heritage. We produce 100% value-added products using the fresh sourced ingredients. Through our enterprise, our aim is to manufacture the food products and ingredients with cleanliness and purity keeping the health of consumers in mind. At KJ farms, farer are our first priority. We bring ‘fresh’ and ‘authentic’, products to our customers. In addition to different edible oils and food products, we also manufacture Groundnut, Chikki, Groundnut Crush, Til Chikki, Coconut Chikki, etc.

Be it be finest ingredients or fresh fruits or vegetables, what comes first is our customer’s needs and health. We serve better and best in terms of flavors, taste, and of course quality. Ultimately, we focus on creating long-term relationships and go the extra mile to fulfill our consumers requirements. To ensure that the food products are residue free, our philosophy is ‘Farm to Consumers.’ We have established the food chain supply directly from farms to consumers giving healthy and long life to consumers.

Follow us on our social media channels or visit us directly at our KJF’s office located at 338 C, Mudaliyar Chambers, 1st Floor, Rasta Peth, Pune- 411 011 and it’s registered office is at Malad Tal. Baramati, Dist. Pune, Maharashtra – 413 102 and Retail outlet is at 131, Rasta Peth, Pune – 411011

KJ Fresh Farm