Why Us

Nothing is more crucial than our health and it begins with what we eat and the ingredients we use in our daily eatables. We bring you the variety of food products that are organic that you might have ever wished for. We own the farms and our team includes the people who have transformed their lives by adopting natural and unprocessed foods. So, visit us and feel satisfied by maintaining your right diet with our fresh and 100% chemical-free products that are both safe for your health as well for our environment & Mother Earth.

Purity of Products

We are an enterprise that believes in providing people with safe and healthy food that are grown without the use of toxic pesticides and chemicals. We support the farmers who grow the food and connect with these like farmers who want to grow organic with the buyers looking for purchasing fresh and 100% organic food products. Going organic or growing organic needs patience and dedication. We strive to produce the purest, direct from farms supply systems establishing a livelihood for the farmers.

We are a company that believes in sharing the household values and promoting a healthy and conscious lifestyle adding nourishment to your food and health. We built this store in response to our search of organic living as we also wish to give our family a healthy living as you do. We offer a wide range of food products further looking to expand the services by offering healthier alternatives like ingredients that you might use in your kitchen every day.

From Own Farms To Customers

We are unique, fresh, and concerned about health so we sow wellness and appreciate the tradition. With our store, we want to enhance the richness and greatness of natural foods offering everyone to live life in the right way by making healthy choices about the food items that you can trust. Our aim is to create a valuable food chain from own farms to customers creating a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

Our team strives to bring and maintain a huge range of organic products that consumers demand. We produce those foods and fine ingredients that make you the best home chef offering 100% health and happiness.

Shudha Processing System

We, in addition to bringing you the food products generated with the help of Shudha Processing system, take care that the whole process is carried out keeping in mind healthy ways from ancient India such as bullock cart cold pressed oil technique, stone grinders for crushing grams, and more.

Residue Free Products 

Your safety and security is our first priority when you shop with us. Our processing and packaging of products are:

  • Non-fried
  • Gluten & toxin-free
  • No Cholesterol
  • No Preservatives
  • 100% natural & vegan
  • No artificial flavors and additives


Manufacturing From Suryodya To Surya Ast (Only day time)

Everybody knows health can’t wait that’s why we manufacture the organic and healthy ingredients from suryodya to surya ast to help you feel and live your best all year around. We are passionate about growing organic ingredients, talking to our consumers, answering their queries, and helping them make smart health decisions. As we understand that it feels great to eat and live healthily and organically.

100% natural, chemical-free

We do not sell every other available food product or ingredient available in the market. We analyze the needs of people, conduct the research regarding the benefits & side-effects, and then grow the ingredients before supplying to the customers. We never compromise on the health of our consumers and provide 100% natural, and chemical-free products. You’ll never regret shopping with us instead will love to shop every time.

Our satisfaction lies in our customer’s healthy and happy life. Every customer turns to our store to replace those processed, frozen, chemical-based foods with all 100% natural and direct from farms alternatives.

Have any queries? Need assistance? We are always there to help you out to better understand the importance of organic and natural food products and choose between the best. So, come and let us help you maintain health and that happy smile on your face.

KJ Fresh Farm